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Multimedia Development Team


The role of the producer in a multimedia production is to define, coordinate, and facilitate the "production" of the multimedia project. Some of the tasks performed by the producer are The producer does not necessarily need to be an expert in the authoring process, but he or she does need to have a relatively high level of understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the technology. In the discussions with the client, this knowledge will; help him or herto define what is feasible and what is not.

In summary, the producer is the overall coordinator and facilitator of the multimedia project.

Content Specialist (s)

The content specialist is the member of the production team who is responsible for performing all necessary research concerning the content of the proposed application. Program content can defined as the specific information, data, graphics, or facts to be presented through the multimedia application. The content specialist provides program content for the multimedia architect.

Instructional Designer

In educational or corporate training multimedia applications, the develompent team must ibclude a specialist who can take the information provided by the content specialists and decide how to present this information using the best available educational strategies and practices.

The instructional designer is also responsible for determining how the information is to presented in order to appeal to a variety of learning styles. Depending on the instructional level and edge of the target audience, the instructional designer must alse adjust the information according to the audience profile and audience needs. Another responsibility is the develompent of strategies to assess the learning of the users.

Script Writer

A multimedia production is very much like a movie, a commercial, or a documentary video in that ascript is needed to present the topic of the production sequentially. But in a script development, there is a significant difference between the production of a video or film production and the production of an interactive multimedia production.

Video and film scripts present a linear sequence of events. In multimedia production, the medium has the capability of presenting events in a nonlinear fashion by branching in different directions and establishing lingkages between different section or components of the program.

The script writer of a multimedia production needs to be able to visualize this almost three-dimensional environment and on occasion to visualize the use and integration of virtual reality into the program.

Multimedia Architect (Program Authoring Specialist)

The multimedia architect is the team member responsible for integrating all the multimedia building blocks (graphics, text, audio, music, video, photos, and animation) by using an authoring language. (An authoring language is software used to integrate all the multimedia elements into a comprehensive presentation).

The multimedia architect oversees the work of other team members, such as the graphic artists, audio specialist, musicians, video specialist, and computer programmers.

The multimedia architect doesn't need to be an expert in the crafts of the other team members, but he or she must have a basic understanding of the capabilities of the software the team members use. The multimedia architect also advises team members about the file formats and the resolution of files.

Computer Graphic Artist

The computer graphic artist is responsible for the graphic elements of the program - such as backgrounds, buttons, photo collages - and the manipulation and editing of pictures, 3-D objects, logos, animation, renderings, and the like. This team member works very closely with the multimedia architect in the composition of screens, making sure that colors are harmonious and that screens are not crowded.

When developing aan interactive application where graphic elements when selected and clicked link with other screens or objects, the computer graphic artist needs to develop the object separately from the background but in harmony and balance with the rest of the screen components.

Audio and Video Specialist

The audio and video specialists are needed when the multimedia presentation includes intensive use of narration and digitized video. The audio specialist is responsible for The video specialist is responsible for video capturing, editing, and digitizing. This individual is responsible for taking pictures, scanning pictures or slides, and editing.

Computer Programmer

The task of the computer programmer in a multimedia development team is the programming of code lines, or scripts, in the authoring language. These scripts are used to code and develop special functions or capabilities might be generating random numbers, determining size and shape of video windows, controlling peripherals, calling other computer software to execute a specific function and display a result, and others.

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